Pioneering 24-hour creative urban hub to start an artistic renaissance

The Sound Bank is delighted to announce the opening of its pioneering 24-hour South London creative urban hub in July 2021. This unique space has been designed exclusively to cater for the current times, with a host of creative opportunities including recording studios, live streaming locations, photo studios, podcast studios, meeting rooms and visual production studios.

The Sound Bank is a collaboration between a number of industry professionals, who have well over 20 years of experience in the ever-evolving arts and media world.

Located in a historic ex-Barclays building in South East London, which dates back to 1925, this venue will now be the home of virtual concerts, live streaming and culturally relevant industry events. Recognising that the live events industry will never be the same, over £250,000 has been spent transforming the old bank into a 2000sq ft creative centre. The Sound Bank team has created a safe and inclusive space for artists to develop new and creative ways of sharing their art with the world.

A spokesperson for The Sound Bank said: “The Sound Bank has been designed to allow artists to experiment with new forms of content creation. All of our building’s spaces provide a fully-equipped professional experience, within a flexible infrastructure that allows the entire space to act as one venue for live streaming events, virtual concerts and listening parties.”

Mutya Buena, a former member of the Sugababes, added: “This is fantastic and exactly what creators need.” While Christina Aok, co-founder of VAMP PR, was also impressed by the space. She said: “The Sound Bank is a great content creation space and I see it becoming a hub for creatives in London. My favourite space was the vault studios in the basement as it was made to perfection! We recorded a podcast and received the edited audio the next day.”

The venue has wheelchair access on the ground floor, a meeting room for workshops and training courses and a fully equipped live room that connects to two separate recording studios, one of which is designed to be an interchangeable fluid mixing stage capable of seamlessly shifting between stereo and 5.1/7.1 surround sound mixing. With industry experts on hand for advice, and 24-hour spots available to book, this innovative venue is sure to be the start of an incredible artistic renaissance.

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