HDJ Music is a music and entertainment company which provides reviews recommendations for commercial music. HDJ Music, deriving from High Definition Junkies, has a goal to bridge the gap between national and international entertainment.

We are a platform where artists, producers, fans and supporters can connect and collaborate. Music updates, new recommendations, and number hit predictions from the HDJ industry icon mastery.

Our goal is to unite a network of international musicians and music lovers

In addition, we have a passion to assist artists with support and finding the most suitable productions for their assignment, created by some of the world’s finest talent. Our region of operations stretch from Central Europe, the United States of America and Australasia.

‘High Definition Junkies’ Music was founded by HeyDee van Dewald aka ‘Joule’ in London, initially working with various artists including management consultancy, production, events, and branding (which has now expanded to the IntroNation Ltd division). She has collaborated in business with a number of labels and renowned artists such as Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger, Natasha Bedingfield, Eve and more. In addition, working with television shows such as XFactor UK and vocalists from The Voice UK.

HDJ Music Studio's

HeyDee at HDJ Music studio’s

IntroNation provides production and management services to both labels and signed/un-signed artists.

HDJ Music is a Global Angels corporate ambassador which sponsored their 2014 music awards ceremony featuring Natasha Bedingfield and Nicole Scherzinger, supporting relevant life-changing charities.





Meet the Team

HeyDee aka 'Joule' is a London based female producer, singer songwriter originally from Brisbane, Australia. She has worked with various artists over the years diverting to music management and more recently taking up the production plough once again as lady behind the music.