The Charles Gordon Trust Awards 2023

The Charles Gordon Trust Awards, was an evening that celebrated remarkable individuals who have made significant impacts on society, recognising them for their outstanding contributions to the community.

Charlene Françoise. Credits:byzeee

Presenter and model Charlene Françoise, pictured, shares her inside description of the evening.

Prior to entering the beautiful and spacious venue, Fairfield Halls, I was in awe of how stunning everyone looked in their outfits. Posing for photographers on the red carpet and some being interviewed, I had a good feeling that the inside of the venue would be amazing.

The venue was enormous, contemporary, and beautiful.

Heading inside the dining area, the guests were eating and drinking, whilst the DJ had some people dancing. The ambience in this room was vibrant and full of optimism. Situated next to the bar, many people here were conversing and buying beverages. They were also getting their photos and videos taken by me and interviewed by me too.

Kaz Crossley & Richard Blackwood. Credits:byzeee

The awards, presented by Richard Blackwood and the gorgeous Kaz Crossley was incredible. Richard Blackwood made us laugh until our stomachs hurt! Love his sense of humour.

So Solid‘s performance was brilliant. ’21 seconds’ still had us all dancing and feeling as though we were 15 again!

Sosolid Crew, Harvey & Megaman. Credits:mrk_visuals

Everyone who was nominated and who won an award are phenomenal people who more than deserve recognition for their positive and kind contributions to the community.

Gyal Flex had us feeling as though we were at a rave! We enjoyed their session at the after party.

They never disappoint us. What a beautiful evening.”


The stunning red carpet event was attended by over 1000 people to celebrate the organisations and individuals that have been doing amazing work in the voluntary sector.

It was an electric atmosphere, filled with a sense of inspiration and admiration for the exceptional achievements being recognised that evening, acknowledging and encouraging excellence across diverse domains, fostering a culture of innovation and positive change.

Events like the Charles Gordon Trust Awards, reflect the importance to amplify the stories of those who, through their dedication and passion, are making a lasting difference in their communities.

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