Beyoncés Formation tour: Outside the Box

Formation 1Beyonce’s Formation London concert opened with an epic musical introduction, intensified with distorted transitions of images projected on a 20-metre high, gigantic rotating LED video-screen block. Artists such as Drake and Rihanna have also recently used the trendy concept in their music video’s “This is what you came for” and “Hotline bling”, dancing inside the box. However, Beyoncé spent the majority of her concert ‘outside the box’ (obviously for audience visibility).
The superstar appeared in an all black leotard with a large round hat, triggering a mighty roar from the crowd upon her arrival.
Dazzling costumes and matching themes resonated throughout, from black, white to gold and glittering bodysuits.
Supported by an all female band and dancers, Queen Bey didn’t disappoint to exhibit her signature dance routines. The band was tight and Beyoncé’s drummer Venzella Joy Williams ensured the show kept an upbeat tempo with a track like vibe. Vocally, Mrs. Carter never failed to hit her notes for over 2 hours, along with her outstanding backing vocalists The Mama’s.
Beyonce communicated her maturity, growth and experience in this presentation. From becoming a wife and mother and the challenges thereof, to emerging to embrace her roots and freedom.
It was a powerful message of overcoming through the hurt, anger and emotions alternatively leading to conscious forgiveness, all in the process of making metaphorical lemonade.
Audience experience varied from different parts of the stadium. Starting from the farthest and highest part of the Wembley stadium, the sound quality was distorted and unfortunately failed to project clear sound without echo. Luckily, the visuals made up for the sound loss as the large screens and clever camerawork provided a live view of its entirety. Without these crucial screens, Beyoncé and her dancers looked ant-size to the eye. From the front (mid level) the sound quality improved and won as our best spot. The ground floor also brought the action to life without delay, although the beauty in the visual effects were limited as the screens towered meter’s above and being so close made it difficult to capture it all.
Surprisingly an encore didn’t appear to be an option as strict timings were met with the concert starting and finishing promptly.
The Set list consisted of a 37 song list dipping in and out of new and old tracks:

Formation 2Formation, Sorry, Bow Down / Tom Ford, Run the World (Girls), Mine, Baby Boy, Hold Up, Countdown, Me, Myself and I, Runnin (Naughty Boy), All Night, Don’t Hurt Yourself, Ring the Alarm, Diva, Flawless (Remix), Feeling Myself, Yoncé, 7/11, Drunk in Love, Rocket, Daddy Lessons, Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), Purple Rain (Prince cover), Crazy in Love/Bootylicious, Naughty Girl, Party, Blow / Nasty Girl, Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover), Sweet Dreams (Bey’s song), Freedom, Survivor, End of Time/Grown Woman, Halo

All in all, it was a high profile concert that reached expectations. With Beyoncé in creative control, how can you be anything less than impressed?. The Destiny’s Child member gave it her all!

Bravo to Beyoncé and team!