Halsey pulls off 2hr show despite tough time, after Kehlani sets the tone

Last friday evening, Brisbane’s Riverstage was for the first time, graced by the soulful and flawless vocals of worldwide neo-R&B sensation, Kehlani. She took to the stage to a tremendously loud vocal reception from Brisbane crowds, who were eager to see her, many, for the first time.
Kehlani had completed her first Australian tour last year, “Sweet, Sexy Savage”, in Brisbane, to a slightly smaller, albeit perhaps more fanatic crowd in August last year.
This time she greeted the fans with her trademark, 90s R&B reminiscent sound, comprised of her DJ (DJ Noodles), drummer and multi-keyboardist – together being more than enough to create that edgy new wave soul, with a dash of epic gospel chops – all the while letting her voice sail effortlessly over it all, with her impressive range. She brings the goods to the stage, and is absolutely not just a recording artist – she is a gun vocal performer.
Kehlani punched out a hefty set, that included some of her catchier, heavily rotated tracks, like “Undercover”, “CRZY” and the hit from Suicide Squad; “Gangsta”. The Brisbanite tweens were supremely wowed by her energetic performance, and were even treated to her cover of smooth 90s joint “I’m So Into You” by Tamia – this brought the love in the arena, up a notch – cellphones with torches on, held high.
She is not only a consummate artist, but she really gives it all to her audiences; stopping to preach love, respect for others, and her positive personal philosophies as much as time allows. She gave a marvelous performance to Brisbane. Definitely a remarkable artist, worth following.
Following Kehlani’s performabce, the grammy nominated singer ‘Halsey’ real name “Ashley Nicolette Frangipane” was unsure she could pull the show off the night before, showing up to the venue 40 mins before with a high fever.
Despite having a tough time, the 23 year old said via twitter “Your energy carried me through and my emotions were really intense. The room felt electric. You can count on me, and I’ll count on you. My love”
Halsey performed most of her recent album and hits including an acoustic version of her collaboration with the Chainsmokers. She explained how it was the Launchpad of her career and hilariously explained how she was once in a taxi when the song came on and the driver said he was sick of it and turned it off because it played so much.
She spoke to the crowd on a number of occasions connecting with her fans, sharing various stories how the songs she wrote came about.
Towards the later part of the show she offered her fans to stay out all night long if that’s what they wanted. This is perhaps why her fans say she is unbeatable, relatable and love her style. The only downside was that there were no screens, and unless you were up front it was difficult to see her.
Given the intermediate realness she added to her performance, overall it was a successful night with a positive response. Halsey’s artistry is clearly dear to Brisbanites, and likewise she appreciated her fans support.
All in all, the combination of both artists drew out young aficionados and were extremely well received and adored.
–  Article By J. A. Vides & H.Dewald